• My loved one recently stayed here for a few weeks. I have only good things to say about the place, and this is not the first nursing home I’ve visited or had a loved one stay. The staff are very caring and really try and make the residents comfortable. Therapy did a great job of helping to rehabilitate. Although I never tasted the food I was always told that it was pretty good. While we hope to never have to come back to a nursing home, if we did we would choose Carlton Shores. Thank You!


  • We brought the family dog with us to visit.  Thank you!


  • I came to Carlton Shores from the hospital with an infection that I got from a simple cut. It was so bad I could not walk, completely took m we off my feet and into a wheelchair. Carlton Shores was so tentative to my wound. I could tell they actually care about my personal well-being. Their staff made my stay there so comfortable I did not want to leave. It was as if I was their child and they were my mother nurturing me back to health. I would recommend to anyone! This is where you would want to go if you need the care that your mother would give you.  Thank you, Carlton Shores!


  • Hello, I was a patient at Carlton Shores. I was in a room which is called Palm Aire. I was feeling very broken when I arrived but I was greeted by Deborah who assured me but I would not be broken when I left. I was brought in a wheelchair and I walked out the people who took care of me during my stay there were unbelievable people. I’m just going to say how wonderful these people are and I’m just going to mention their names because it would take me days to elaborate on how wonderful these people were. First I would like to acknowledge my nurses Cynthia, Shandora, and Naomi. I would like to also acknowledge my CNAs Rosemond, Connie, and Karen. Special someone Joshua I also would like to give acknowledgment to my therapist Diane who was always so bubbly and Diana and Linda. This facility was absolutely amazing! The drinking water could use some improvement to those people I acknowledged. I also would like to say London was also very kind and nice and so was Rose who worked in housekeeping.  She should be doing something other than that she very very talented and kind I would definitely recommend the facility to someone and if I ever have to have rehab again I would definitely come back to Carlton Shores. Remember always put miles on those smiles!